LiveWell Exterior ImageAt Cummins, we are committed to our employees and the communities where they live and work. Our mission as a company is to make sure our actions directly lead to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. The new Cummins LiveWell Center in Downtown Columbus reflects those goals with a modern approach to health and wellness.

For far too long, employee health care has been more about the quantity of care rather than focusing on preventing illnesses. LiveWell breaks that cycle with a facility and staff devoted to total health and wellness. The center is a place where Cummins employees and their families can come to get well and embrace healthy living.

Our convenient, innovative facility offers not just the traditional range of health care services, but quality of life services such as cooking classes, acupuncture and massage therapy to help support healthy choices. Our trusted team of professionals makes it easy for you to stay strong, and our patient portal allows you to easily track your health care history and information, schedule appointments and sign up for classes that will help keep you healthy 365 days a year.

Our motto is simple: Be well. Stay well. LiveWell.

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About Premise Health

The Cummins LiveWell Center is managed by Premise Health, the nation’s leading worksite health and wellness provider. Premise Health offers a team of dedicated, qualified, trusted professionals with a strong patient focus and preventive care philosophy, applying evidence-based medical guidelines and best practices to all patient care.